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JT came to us in a unique way. At the time, we did not have any need or time for a stallion. Our goals for him were different than what he had in mind. We took a 13-year-old stallion with very little riding training, no show record, and no recorded breeding record, and decided to give him a chance to prove himself. In the fall of 2020 we took him to his first ARHA show. He had always displayed an intense liking for the cattle events, and he showed us that! After his short stint in the show pen, Dylan started him on the sled and introducing him to roping. He was BORN for it. In a few short months he has become quite a successful head and heel horse in his own right, mind you as an older horse with very little to no previous riding. We have crossed him on a variety of mares and are excited to see how he crosses! No doubt in our minds the offspring will be cowy!


$300 Live Cover

(Mare care/wet mare care/board not included)

Breed: American Quarter Horse
Gender: Stallion
D.O.B.: 6/03/2007
Hands: 14.3
Color: Chestnut

NW3A5609 copy.jpg

2022 Filly

Doc Olena James x Cowgirls N Lace (AQHA World Qualifer)
Bred by: Dylan Foreman/Sherry Keith
Congrats to new owner: Becky Gretebeck
Photo: Danielle Long

NW3A6285 copy.jpg

2022 Filly

Doc Olena James x Rosie The Riveter (POA)
Bred and owned by: Jana Allison
Photo: Danielle Long


NW3A5612 copy.jpg
NW3A6303 copy.jpg
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