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Ranch Planning & Designing


NO more headaches! Let someone else do all the planning. As in most things, planning and design of a farm or ranch can save you money and time. Let us help you! Farming and Ranching should be an enjoyable pastime, not a headache.  Caring for animals should be therapeutic, not a hassle.  We have 25+ years of experience and continued education in the field (no pun intended), as well as work experience in different designs and applications of farming and ranching all over the United States.

Quotes available on request for Missouri, Eastern Kansas, and Northeastern Oklahoma.  Availability to other areas of the US may vary.

Cattle Ranch

Understanding the land and evaluating the grazing capacity and how to rotationally graze livestock, as needed. Creating a feeding/supplement program based on nutrient value in the forage. For profit or hobby.

Hunting/Game Ranch

Understanding land capacity for grazing, how to supplementally feed, and fencing to contain your prize wildlife are key.

Horse Ranch

Proper structures and fencing are important, let us help you with your design. A feed program is also important for maintaining beautiful animals.

Forrest to Field

Helping you restore the land to a beautiful, more useful purpose.

Mixed Species Ranch

A hobby farm can be very relaxing and therapeutic. Let us take the headache out of how to organize and build for all the farm fun you will have.

Livestock Handling & Moving

Providing proper housing and equipment to properly work and handle livestock, proper stabling for horses, and careful transportation can be a breeze.


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